My favorite things I own

My phone:

I love my phone. Point blank, I can play games on it when I’m at my grandparents house and they’re watching football, and I’m not understanding it. I can use it for school work, Like I have the unofficial edline app, and the schoology app as well, and I have the quizlet app for when I need to study vocab on the go. Needless, to say you can also make calls on it and send quick texts. The the thing I probably use most on my phone is my music app.

My Laptop:

I use my laptop for doing homework at school and just being able to have every document I need at my fingertips on one device. I also have internet sometimes, so I can use the bookmarks I have set to get to the websites I need faster than I would typing it. I also love my laptop because it is a PC and even though I’m 14 and I’m growing up in a technologically boosted generation, I can’t operate a Mac to save my life.


My watch:

Although it’s a simple device that just helps me tell time, I use it for a lot of things. I use it to help with time management for school. I use it as an alarm for when I get up. And I use it to set timers and time myself if I’m studying something. Like drilling vocab, I time myself and try to beat my previous times.



My calculators were once just simple aimless objects I used when I didn’t feel like doing the work and was willing to withstand the disciplinary action for not showing my work. Now, my calculator can graph, draw, has at least 50 buttons (I’m guessing) and is so complicated, I don’t even know how to operate that sometimes.


Flash Drive:

I’m not really sure if this counts as a tech-device, but I use it a lot as my back up for everything. Whether it’s google docs or my computer I have a copied version on my flash drive all the time. Plus I like my flash drive because it’s all cool and tricked out. I think it’s dinosaur or something, but it’s purple with a mowhawk and I think that’s awesome.



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