I am neutral about movies. I don’t like movies because usually I go with my parents and since I’m 14 and don’t have that many friends, sometimes it’s embarrassing. I also don’t like it because I have to pick something decent to wear because I can’t wear sweatpants and a t-shirt with some socks, which is what I usually wear on the weekends.

I also don’t like it because I have to be social and tell the clerk person what movie I want to see, at what time, as well as correct her when she says “child ticket?” and I have to say “no, teen or adult, just not child”. The one time I went to the movie theater the clerk asked where our parents where. I almost walked out of the movie theater because I was so ready to give up on having a decent and maybe enjoyable movie experience.

Back to the point, then, I have to go into the movie theater where people will look at me like I just killed someone when all I want is to sit down and TRY to enjoy the movie. The worst part of the movie theater is when the 6’4” guy decides to sit directly in front of me and I have to move so I can actually see the movie.The only reason why I can tolerate the movie theater is because if I go see the movie I check reviews a billion times to make sure I’ll enjoy it, and most of the time I do.–ShL1D8hrY8V-nF6HiJrqA30-iEsKFWuemsQBGy2RTBIvW4ScjjPHKDaPletILCAbhBlfbrpw0oUpxFUzUvLmG1REogcrFWU0zK3CMpZE0PY0omEXalFarQ


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