I love DVDs because I can sit at home in my shark footie pajamas and watch the Great Gatsby without interacting with anybody and I can have better movie food than the movie theaters do and it’s free. I like the comfort of my own home and being able to stretch out on the couch and watch the movie without distractions and being able to pause the movie when I need to use the restroom and play it when I get back. I also like DVDs because if I happen to fall asleep I won’t be awoken by some employee who wants me to get out before the next movie starts.

I also like DVDs because I can rent them and If I like it I can just buy it and if I hate it then I have the choice of never renting it again. I also like DVDs because it’s in my DNA. My father has a huge DVD collection of old James Bond movies which I adore watching and comparing with him. Sadly, my father LOVES going to the movie theater.

I can only tolerate going to the movies with him because he does all the talking, but I also don’t like it because him and my step-mom ALWAYS decide what movies to go see and usually its an action movie, and don’t misunderstand me, I like action movies, but when every movie you go see is an action movie and you’ve seen just about every explosion in the history of explosions, it just gets old and boring like a raisin.  https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/yrbfDYtbY_ZQafvdrHM_5FPTZC1n-YDSHVnCqS0rrUyFIsSeVRRJcch_5hIkSKy0QZvb5yh3oM1EoJ7O16Inxozsg8vb7slJKwH01Et1OUM6zdlbkZnQA2bQ2w


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