List your favorite songs

“True Love”- P!nk

I love this song because I’ve been in the situation the song talks about multiple times and it helps me deal. It’s also nice because I can reminisce of my hilarious middle school youth and how stupid I was and sometimes still am. I also like the music video and the beat, it’s a very pleasant song and I like it all around. So in some words I like it because I can identify with it and the tune/beat is nice as well.

“Dance Apocalyptic”-Janelle Monae

I like this song because it’s all about letting go and having fun. I also heard a quote that describes this song; “Life is like a disco, no matter how the music changes, you just keep dancing”. This song also reminds me of the movie Grease with the “hand-jive”. This song just makes me smile and want to dance.

“Roar”-Katy Perry

I like this song because it gets me through really hard moments where I’m about to cry or I’m already crying. It’s very upbeat and its about triumph and staying strong. Plus, I already love Katy Perry and her music. I also like the beat for this too. I can’t wait until the music video comes out!

“Primadonna”- Marina and the Diamonds

I like this song because it is unapologetically narcissistic. I love it. I love singing it because it has a catchy tune and it’s just fun all around. The music video is enjoyable too, but the second  I can, I’m buying it on iTunes.

“Beneath your beautiful”- Labyrinth ft. Emelie Sande

I like this song because its about looking on the inside of someone to really see what they’re personality is like. I am currently in a situation where I would like to “see beneath [someone’s] beautiful” face and actually see what they’re really like. I just so happen to like this person but I just wish I wasn’t afraid to talk to that person and see what they’re like on the inside. Anyways, I like the tune and meaning behind the song.


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