List scary things


Eight legs, countless eyes, and hair bodies, are death notes in my house. I don’t care how it is killed, or if it’s killed in a humane manor. If a spider makes the huge mistake of crawling into my house or even worse, my room. The spider will become deaf because of my loud shriek and then it will be destroyed.


Cockroaches are even worse for me. Once, while I was on vacation with a friend, I was sitting on my bed and we were talking and she said “Erin, don’t move a muscle, and look on the wall”. I looked at the bland fake wooden wall and saw the largest cockroach I had ever seen. Like any perfectly sane person would do, I screamed bloody mary and sprinted out of the finished garage like Usain Bolt. After that I ran into the actual beach house and was almost in tears, but was also almost in trouble because I might have woken up the whole neighborhood. Needless to say, my friend and I slept on the couch together that night and never returned to the garage until it was time to leave.


I like flying on planes, I love roller coasters, and I’ve been on a hot air balloon. I don’t understand why I can’t deal with jumping off a cliff into water and sky diving. I think I get my fear of heights from my father because his fear of heights is so bad that he couldn’t ride with me on the ferris wheel when I was little. He was probably afraid of falling but I wouldn’t have known because I was too busy pouting since I couldn’t go on the ride.


I used to be afraid of dogs because I got bitten by one once. He bit my nose and I was petrified. The only words I could utter were “so… much… blood…” before I broke out in tears and almost had a panic attack. I am now somewhat comfortable with dogs. I am just very cautious.

Talking to boys I like:

All girls most likely have this fear. I think I’m afraid of it because I just don’t want make a fool of myself and then said person wouldn’t like me. Sometimes I actually work up the courage to do so however, it takes a lot and sometimes I just put it off until it never happens and then I get upset. I honestly don’t think I have the right to get jealous if said person talks to someone, when I never talked to said person.


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