Exclusive Underwater Party


I personally invited Ariel the Mermaid, Nemo the clownfish, and Squirt the sea turtle to my exclusive underwater party!!!! We had a lot of fun taking pictures and swimming! Nemo and I talked about the filimng of his blockbuster movie Finding Nemo.  Squirt and I talked about his father and how He’s over 100 years old! Lastly, Ariel and I talked about where she gets her awesome red hair dye.

Okay, maybe I didn’t really have an underwater dinner party with cartoon movie stars, but if I could invite  any people to a dinner party, it would be them.

I absolutely have no shame in admitting that I love squirt the sea turtle from the movie finding nemo. Every time I watch finding nemo with my little cousin, I almost cry from Squirt’s cuteness. I would invite Squirt to the dinner party because he’s really energetic and reminds me of myself with how optimistic and groovy he is. He’s always a crowd pleaser and is always the person to go to if you need a pick me up. His large eyes and small stature make him so cute and adorable it makes you laugh and cry at the same time. I admire Squirt and his ability to go with the flow and handle things on his own, while making everyone smile at the same time.

I adore Nemo from finding nemo because he reminds me of my old self. Although I was never a fish, I was once stupid and naive like he is, sometimes I still am stupid and naive. I remember the times when it felt like my mother was super over-protective and would never let me do anything, she even sensed was dangerous or un-safe. I feel like whenever I watch the movie, I can identify with Nemo when he defies his father and I can identify with him when he’s separated from his father because although I have never been separated from my mother for that extensive amount of time, I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten lost in the grocery store and I would have to run around like a crazy person to try to find my mom. So, all in all, I love Nemo because he reminds me of my young naive self when I was little.

I really, really, really, really, really love Ariel the mermaid’s hair. I believe that she is the only one who can truly “work” the fire truck-red-colored hair look. Many have tried to imitate and steal the red hair style, but none have succeeded. I love how beautiful she is and that she’s a mermaid. She is THE mermaid that made me say that “I want to be a mermaid when I grow up”, when I was 6. I love how charmatic she is and how she’s just a bundle of determined joy. She’s my hero and I will forever look up to her. LONG-LIVE ARIEL THE MERMAID!

And that is why if I could invite anybody to a dinner party, I would invite Squirt the Sea Turtle, Nemo, and Ariel the Mermaid to my dinner party.