Should We Bring Extinct Species Back to Life?


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click on this link and read the article as well as watch the video:

should we bring extinct species back to life?

I think this is a very informative article and I like how it demonstrates how far we’ve come science-wise. I like the idea of being able to bring a deceased or posssibly extinct animal back to life. However, I’m very aware of the troubles that might emerge if such a thing happens. Jurassic Park may no longer be just an entertaining movie and suddenly become a realistic lifestyle. Another good question, what would we do with a unicorn, or a wooly mammoth, or possibly even a dinosaur? Where would we put these ancient animals that once they are reincarnated into the food chain? I don’t think that someone wants a dinosaur in their backyard. Most importantly, how would such animals react to such a modern and urban environment? Would they react in a dangerous manner? Would we be able to conatin them correctly? Zoo animals escape their habitats all the time. What would we do if suddenly we spotted a unicorn that escaped its (artificial) habitat? Would we even be able to get it back into its (artificial) habitat? All of these questions are good to consider when we think about if we should bring extinct species back to life.