Things I don’t like

thumbs down

thumbs down for the following things

stock exchange

  • cockroaches- they shouldn’t be in my house
  • mean girls- who likes them anyway?
  • facebook- waste of time
  • twitter- I don’t care if someone’s watching a football game or not. I don’t understand football anyways.
  • myspace- it’s just old
  • spiders- I hate anything with more than four legs
  • getting up early- Me? Getting up? at 6? AM? On my own? Yeah! Not gonna happen dude.
  • Macs- they confuse me
  • Math- Geometry just needs to trust me on every problem I do because proofs are sinful and they are the face f the devil in mathematics
  • English or Grammar rather- Please tell me when I am ever going to need to learn about an objective complement? Never? that’s what I thought.
  • obnoxious seniors in high school- we get it it’s your last year of high school before you go off to college. That doesn’t mean that you should causea rucus every chance you get, because that my friend, will get you kicked straight out of college before your first day.