My Favorite Name for a boy and a girl

  • girl-> first name: Arinola Ellery; middle name: Elysia

I like the name Arinola Ellery because Arinola is one of my cousin’s friend’s names and I loved her name because it was so unique and it wasn’t super normal and popular like mine and I liked because you could make nicknames out of it. I can’t make many nicknames with mine and the ones I can make are “Er/E-(something)”, like Er-bear or E-money and I almost decapatated the friend who addressed me as E-money. I like Ellery because it’s also very unique and pretty and I like celery so it just makes sense man. I like the name Elysia because it means heavenly; delightful; blissful and it’s a very pretty name.

  • boy-> Winston

I like this name because it seems studious and educated. Its a cute name and I don’t know why I like it so much but I think its really nice and I’m attached to it for some reason.


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