If you could be friends with anyone, list who

If I could be friends with anyone then it would most likely be 1. one direction because they seem like a handfull, however, they also seem like really fun people to be around and will always keep you on your feet and they seem like not only hard-working people, but very nice and entertaining people as well as immature for they’re age.

2. Katy Perry

I love her music and I’d be able to identify with her wierdness and I’d like experiencing life on the road with her and just getting advice from her in general. She seems like a very interesting and chill person to hang out with.

3. Ke$ha

I would like to be friends with her, simply because I would alwasy have the comfort of knowing that no matter how crappy life gets hers is always going to be worse, therefore I would never have anything to complain about in life because her life would always be more sucky than mine.

4. Eminem

I just adore how he is always so angry in his music and he yells and screams, its just so invigorating! I love it and I would love being around all of the energy all the time!