Top 3 places I’ve been

1. ITALIA!!!

I went to Italy this summer and loved every second of it. I went to see the Vatican in St. Peter’s Square, the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain, and the Coloseum. I got 2 shirts and some jewelry from side-walk vendors and ate the finest of pasta while being in the shape of my life because I walked everywhere. I loved the Italian coast and the attractive Italian men. Needless to say I wanna go back.

2. Six Flags

I love rollercoasters. I love the way the drop just wakes your body up and makes you feel alive, it’s an invigorating feeling that I will never tire of. I also love the little stores and stands you can go to if you don’t like rollercoasters. I also love visiting Six Flags White Waters. I love the water slides and everything they’re my favorite places to go over the summer with friends.

3. Washington D.C.

I love Washington D.C. because the night life there is unbelievable. I love visiting my grandmother in Wasington D.C. because it’s always a lot of fun and she always finds new fun places to take me. Once I went on a tour of the White House with my grandmother. I love Washington because it never gets old and it’s always a fun place to go.


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