My Top 4 Favorite Movies

1. Forrest Gump

This is my favorite movie of all time because it’s just so adorable and every time I see it, it makes speak in a country “bama” accent for the next 2 and a half hours. I love the part about how Forrest just ran because he wanted to and kept running until he wanted to stop because I run track and field and I’m a sprinter. So, this movie really demonstrates ¬†perserverance for and inspires me to become a long-distance runner as well as a sprinter.

2. Finding Nemo

This movie always makes me cry because it’s so sweet but it could very well happen in real life except for the talking sea creatures part. I love Dori! My great grandmother has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t remember me sometimes, and Dori has short-term memory loss so she forgets Nemos name until she actually meets him. I like this movies a lot and it’s been around for a long time so I was watching this while I was in diapers and will watch it when I need diapers again.

3. 21 Jump Street

I like this movie because its very funny and it’s about friendship so I’d watch it with a best friend and laugh about it with her. I love Channing Tatum in this because he is very attractive but he’s also very stupid in this movie and it’s just hysterically immature yet extremely hilarious.

4. Pitch Perfect

I love this movie because my friend Erin and I will burst out into song if there is a que from someone. Like someone will say “hey did you see that movie?” and I’ll say “yes, you wanna know what else I saw????” the person will say “what?” and I’ll say “I SAW THE SIGN AND IT OPENED UP MY EYES, I SAW THE SIGN!!” and burst into laughter.


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