My favorite things to do in my free time

I like to sleep in my free time because I usually don’t go to bed until midnight or the wee hours of the morning so any chance I get I like to catch up on my sleeping. There is not one day that goes by where I wish I was in pre-school again where nap time was cruel then but would be heavenly now. I like to sleep, ’nuff said.

I like to read on Wattpad in my free time because the stories on there can be really good I just wish the authors would update more, so I have something somewhat exciting to do over the weekend. Most of the books I read are dramas and comedies. I even have the Wattpad app on my phone so I can read on the go.

I like listening to music, a lot. My father got me a debit card with $50 on it and I couldn’t reload it until I was 16. I blew just about all of the money on iTunes songs in less than 15 minutes. I now have $1.58 on it and I can’t reload it for two years, #imagoodsaver #iwasbeingsarcastic. I have no shame in saying that I love music and will blow 50 more dollars on more songs.

I also like to write songs and poems, but only when I’m in a funky mood. If I don’t write my songs when I’m in a bad mood, they’re terrible and I don’t write terrible songs, it’s just against my religion of Erinism. I like writing songs because it lets me be creative and express how I feel without being violent or showcasing it to the world.


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