My favorite Foods

I like burritos from Chipotle because they are very massive and can feed a village as well as my stomach when I’m hungry. I got a coupon for a free chips and guacamole with the purchase of a burrito and when it expired and I hadn’t used it I almost cried because I love Chipotle so much.

I also really like ice cream, especially Ben and Jerry’s. I will only eat Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, I reject all others. I love the cool and creative flavors that just make life better by the spoon-full. Any problems that I might have been having magically disappear just by tasting a spoon-full of red velvet flavored Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

Lastly, and mostly, I love bacon. I hope to open a restaurant in which bacon is incorporated into everything on the menu. I even have a bracelet proclaiming how much I love bacon. I am a serious bacon enthusiast and hope to have a pet pig named breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


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