Jobs I’d like to try

I would like to try being:

– a body guard

– an apple sales person

– a comedian

I would like to be a body guard because I would like wearing the black clothes and protecting someone. If I could be a body guard for anybody it would most likely be Justin Bieber or Colin Kaepernick, because they are both attractive and I’m married to Colin Kaepernick(not really, I wish though) anyways so it would only make sense that I protect him from danger.

I would like to be an Apple Inc. sales person because I would have an employee discount! I would be broke with how much Apple stuff I buy. The only down part is that my grandparents and parents would have one more reason for me to be their tech support nerd. And don’t misunderstand me I love that the people who raised me feel inferior about some things to the point where they have to ask me, but it just gets annoying sometimes.

I would like to be a comedian because I’m naturally funny. I make people laugh whether it’s what I say, what I do, or how open I am about everything. I find a way to make people laugh. So, getting paid to do what I do best? Oh yeah, that’s a heck of an occupation.


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