Look Who’s TED Talkin’ Now(or actually listening now)

This is a TED Talk I recently listened to. In less than 3 minutes I found myself captivated by how accurate and how insipid the 13 minute and 11 second video was. The video hit the nail directly on the head when talking about some of the mannerisms that we enact or think about enacting. This video was insipid to me because it revealed the dirty and disgusting creature that I become when I am jealous. An example of this is that I am jealous of this girl named Cameron. To me, she embodies the definition of seemingly effortless perfection, and as sad as it is, I basically despise her for it. Instead of being a vicious man-eating monster, my mind was set on becoming her. As weird and as stalker-ish as it sounds, I pay intent attention to her handwriting to try and master it myself. I hope to one day, have hair that’s long and wavy like hers. I hate how she’s on the basketball cheer squad and I want to be on it but know that I would be so behind on all “cheer curriculum” that it wouldn’t even be fun. It would just act as another class I have to study for. Anyway, after watching this video I realized why I couldn’t do anything but complement her on her hair sometimes, because if I did anything else it would be crying about how imperfect I am. I couldn’t do anything but complement because every time I’m around her I search for everything that I’m terrible at and she excels at and complement her on it. I can’t cry in biology class, so all I can really do is give her props for all the awesome things she does better than me.

This is a TED Talk about online dating. I watched this because I’m in high school and to hear that someone broke up or is back together with their guy or gal is normal. I’d also heard a lot about internet dating since I’m a TV-watcher. E-harmony, Plenty of Fish, and Christian Mingle are just some of the dating websites I’ve heard of. I’m also an avid watcher of the TV series Catfish and I really like it. However, I can’t help but cry on the inside when the person who thought they were in love with the guy or gal of their dreams turns out to usually be a tran-sexual, a stalker, a devious nemesis, or even a crazy ex from the past. On Catfish, online dating instances are the norm and rarely does it ever turn out okay. That’s why when I listened to this TED Talk I was surprised yet extremely happy for Amy. She went through many obstacles to get where she is today, married with a child. Although what I really liked about this was how she persevered and never gave up on finding love. She also used mathematics, estimating, and algorithms. My favorite take -away from this TED Talk is in the conclusive statement, Amy Webb ends her talk with: “there is an algorithm for love, it’s just not the one’s we’re presented with”.

This is a TED Talk that is about beauty, confidence, insecurities, and self-consciousness spoken by Cameron Russell, a model. I picked this TED Talk because beauty is everywhere around me. I always try to look beautiful on the outside and be beautiful on the inside. However, I always find something that I don’t like about myself and pester myself about it. I never give myself enough credit and always insult myself. Well, Cameron said that being a model is even worse. She said that when you’re a model, you’re extremely insecure because you’re job depends on not only how you look but how good you look. I find that funny because I’ve always thought that I wanted to be a model when I grew up because of how confident and beautiful they look, but now that I think about it I’m already insecure enough. Why want to be more insecure, with the world as your audience? I want to change the world. My take away from this is that being a model is okay, but it isn’t a career, and it isn’t as glamorous as it is depicted. Also, instead of being a model I should do what I want: change the world(for the better).